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Truck Restrictions
US 30 Whole Road 3 reports
Oregon to New Plymouth No reports
Bliss to Burley 1 report
I-86 to I-15/Pocatello 2 reports
McCammon to Wyoming No reports
Truck Restrictions on US 30
Map of Reports on US 30
US 30: Bridge construction, roadway reduced to one lane, delay, temporary traffic light, speed restrictions in force, width limit in effect, consider using an alternate route. Expect 5 - minute delays. Speed limit 55 MPH. Width limit 14'0".
US 30 eastbound: Height limit in effect. Height limit 13'5".
US 30 westbound: Height limit in effect. Height limit 13'7".
US 30: Fish Creek
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Closure Closure Restriction Restriction Spring Breakup Spring Breakup
Truck Ramp Truck Ramp Weigh Station Weigh Stations