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Restrictions on I-15: Pocatello to Montana
I-15: Pocatello to Montana

Between Exit 167: ID 22 (near Dubois) and Exit 184: Stoddard Creek Road (Spencer). Major road construction work is in progress. The road is closed for repairs. The roadway is shared with opposing traffic. Width limit 12'0". Speed limit 65 MPH. Until December 3, 2018 at about 11:59PM MDT.

Web Comment: North bound lanes are closed for reconstruction. Traffic will be shifted to southbound lanes with opposing traffic. Northbound on and off ramps at exits 172 and 180 are closed. exiting northbound traffic is detoured to exit 184, entering northbound traffic is detoured to exit 167. Wide Loads are restricted to 12 feet all wide loads must call Troy Monk at 208-705-6663 for assistance.

Last updated on June 14