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Restrictions on US 20: Idaho Falls to Montana
US 20: Idaho Falls to Montana

Between The Menan-Lorenzo Highway and 6800 South Road (3 miles east of the Rigby area). Bridge maintenance work is in progress. The roadway is reduced to one lane. There is a width limit in effect. Speed restrictions are in force. Width limit 14'0". Speed limit 60 MPH. Until tomorrow at about 8:00PM MDT.

Web Comment: JM Concrete is rehabilitating the Lorenzo bridges over the South Fork of the Snake River, east and west bound bridges. For loads wider than 14 feet contact Eli Robinson at 208-745-5608.

Last updated yesterday at 6:19pm MDT

Between Exit 337: Salem Road (near Rexburg) and The Truck Scale Port of Entry (4 miles west of the Ashton area). Look out for construction work. The roadway is reduced to one lane. There is a width limit in effect.

Web Comment: Milepost 337-355, near Rexburg. The road is reduced to one lane, Monday through Thursday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. The speed limit is 55 MPH. Width restriction of 15 feet. Call Lucas Richins at (208) 313-7263 with questions.

Last updated on September 12
Today at 4:04 PM, Google reported a 4 minute delay eastbound, and a a 2 minute delay westbound.

Between North River Road and 2050 North Road (1 to 4 miles east of the Ashton area). Major road construction work is in progress. Traffic is heavy. Traffic is backed up. Be aware of narrow lanes because a lane is closed. Speed limit 45 MPH. Width limit 12'0". From 7:00AM MDT to 7:00PM MDT on weekdays. Until Thursday, at about 6:00PM MDT.

Web Comment: Construction crews will be rebuilding US-20 on the Ashton Hill. Construction activities will reduce traveling to one lane. Flaggers will be present. Expect delays. Pilot car will be use during construction hours. Wide loads call Scott Robinson 208-240-1379

Last updated today at 1:49pm MDT