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Truck Restrictions on US 20
US 20

Between ID 16 and North Linder Road (1 to 3 miles west of the Eagle area). Road construction work is in progress. There is work on the shoulder. There is a width limit in effect. Width limit 12'0". Until November 30, 2020 at about 11:59PM MDT.

Web Comment: Expect night work between 1/31/20 and 2/9/20 with traffic periodically reduced to one lane with flagger control. Please drive with caution. 12 width restriction between Black Cat and Linder Road

Last updated on March 27

Between 800 North Road (6 miles east of the St. Anthony area) and 3500 East Road (near Ashton). Spring breakup restrictions in place. There is an axle load limit in effect. Speed limit 55 MPH. Advisory speed limit 30 MPH.

Web Comment: Commercial Vehicles 10,000 GVWR and greater restricted to 30 mph with legal axle weight. Restrictions are in place because the highway is showing stress from winter freeze/thaw cycles.

Last updated on March 6