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Truck Restrictions on ID 3
ID 3

Between ID 5; Third Street and Saint Joe River Road (near St. Maries). Bridge construction work is in progress. The roadway is reduced to one lane. The intersecting road is closed. A detour is in operation. Short delays are possible. Truck restrictions are in force. Width limit 11'0". From 6:00AM PDT to 8:00PM PDT daily. Until Saturday, at about 11:59PM PDT.

Web Comment: From late March to late July 2018, the river bridge on ID-3 will be reduced to one lane with temporary traffic signals to direct traffic; Railroad Avenue between ID-3 and 4th Street will also be closed during this time. Loads will be restricted to a maximum width of 11-feet. Railroad Avenue and Meadowhurst Drive will remain closed during this time.

Last updated on July 23