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Truck Restrictions on I-15

Between The Inkom Port of Entry (near Pocatello) and Exit 80: Fort Hall (Fort Hall). Night time construction work. Seal coat. Lane closed. Observe signs. Observe speed limits. Look out for flaggers. Ramp restrictions in force. On ramps. Width limit 10'0". Starting Monday at 7:00PM MDT until July 11, 2020 at about 7:00AM MDT.

Web Comment: A road preservation treatment is being applied on I-15 between The Inkom Port of Entry and Fort Hall. Night time construction work is in progress. Lanes will be closed intermittently. Pay attention to traffic control signs and speed limits. Look out for flaggers at interchanges. An intermittent width restriction of 10 feet will be in place on the interchange ramps only.

Last updated on July 2

Between Exit 150: Hamer Road (2 miles north of the Hamer area) and Exit 167: ID 22 (5 miles south of the Dubois area). Road construction work is in progress. Width limit 16'0". Speed limit 65 MPH. Until August 28, 2020 at about 11:59PM MDT.

Web Comment: North Bound traffic detoured into South Bound lanes. Watch for crews working in the median and North Bound roadway. Follow signs as posted

Last updated today at 5:08pm MDT