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Truck Restrictions on US 93
US 93

Between The Twin Falls High Line Canal Bridge and ID 74 (4 miles south of the Filer area). Road construction. Work on the shoulder. Roadway reduced to two lanes. Look out for flaggers. Consider using an alternate route. Speed restrictions in force. Width limit in effect. Speed limit 45 MPH. Width limit 12'0". Starting June 1, 2020 at 7:00AM MDT until July 1, 2020 at about 5:30PM MDT.

Web Comment: Project is to widen the roadway on the east side connecting to the existing right turn lane and placing new signs. Contractor: Idaho Material Construction 208-733-6956 Traffic Control: Roadwork Ahead 208-734-4444

Last updated on May 26

Between 500 South Road and 400 South Road (3 miles north of the Twin Falls area). Road construction work is in progress. The road is being repaved. The roadway is reduced to two lanes. Look out for flaggers. There is a width limit in effect. Width limit 12'0". Expect 10 - minute delays. Until June 8, 2020 at about 7:00PM MDT.

Web Comment: Paving operation will commence on US-93 just north of Flying J. Single lane traffic in each direction, traffic signal will still be in operation but flaggers may also be present. Contractor: Idaho Materials and Construction 208-733-5933 Traffic Control: Idaho Traffic Control 208-455-3220

Last updated on May 20

Between Pahsimeroi Valley Road and McKim Creek Road (14 to 15 miles north of the Challis area). Bridge maintenance work is in progress. Road maintenance work is in progress. A lane is closed. The right shoulder is closed. Observe the signs. Observe the signals. Prepare to stop. Look out for flaggers. Short delays are possible. Width limit 13'0". From 7:00AM MDT to 7:00PM MDT daily. Until Thursday, at about 7:00PM MDT.

Web Comment: For more information, please contact Bryan Young @ 208.745.7781.

Last updated on May 28