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Truck Restrictions on ID 6
ID 6

Between Duffield Flat Road and US 95 (2 to 4 miles west of the Potlatch area). Road construction work is in progress. Bridge construction work is in progress. There is work on the shoulder. Look out for flaggers. There is a width limit in effect. The roadway is reduced to one lane. Width limit 12'0". Expect 5 - minute delays. From 7:00AM PDT to 5:30PM PDT on weekdays. Until October 30, 2019 at about 5:30PM PDT.

Web Comment: Starting on October 7, 2019, the Potlatch Curve (SH6 MP 1.82) reconstruction work will commence. The work is changing the cross slope of the road to allow for a widened curve which will better accommodate truck traffic. During this work, the road will be reduced to one lane during work hours with flaggers directing traffic through the work area. The road will be opened back up to two lanes during non-work hours. Drivers and cyclists should expect gravel surface during this work. The work is anticipated to take less than 3 weeks to complete. Both directions of traffic are still shifted onto a temporary shoofly roadway over Gold Creek to allow for construction of a new bridge over the creek on the exiting alignment. Gold Creek is located approimately 2 miles east of Potlatch on SH6 (approx SH6 MP 3.5). Reduced speeds of 35mph are advised with signage in the area. Please obey the traffic advisories and slow down through the construction project. Work continues to build a new highway alignment from the east side of Potlatch to about 2 miles east of Potlatch. There are 35 mph speed reduction advisories posted through the project limits. Truck traffic will be entering/exiting the highway throughout construction, but much of the work will on the shoulders and off of the highway. There is intermittent flagging operations throughout construction when traffic is required to stop for short durations (up to 15 minutes). No width restrictions needed until the Gold Creek Bridge ShooFly is completed and traffic shifted. This is anticipated for end of June timeframe. HDR Engineering is performing CE&I on this project. Call Ty Bardwell (CE&I PM) at 208.651.7544 with any questions.

Last updated on October 11