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I-84: Boise to Twin Falls
I-84: Flying Y Flying Y
  in Boise
I-84: Broadway IC Broadway IC
  in Boise
I-84: Eisenman Interchange Eisenman Interchange
  near Boise
I-84: Simco Road Simco Road
  14 miles east of the Boise area
I-84: Hammett Hill Hammett Hill
  6 miles east of the Mountain Home area
I-84: Glenns Ferry Glenns Ferry
  near Glenns Ferry
I-84: Tuttle Tuttle
  5 miles west of the Wendell area
I-84: Boise to Twin Falls
Map of RWIS Items on I-84
I-84: Flying Y
I-84: Broadway IC
I-84: Eisenman Interchange
I-84: Simco Road
I-84: Hammett Hill
I-84: Glenns Ferry
I-84: Tuttle
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