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Weather Stations—North Idaho
Map of North Idaho Between Exit 67: Mill Street and Lookout Pass (near Mullan). There is work on the shoulder. The right lane is closed. Width limit 18'0". From 7:00AM PDT to 5:00PM PDT on weekdays. Until May 1, 2018 at about 5:00PM PDT. Between Westbound Huetter Rest Area and Exit 17: Mullan Road (near Coeur d'Alene). Look out for construction work. Advisory speed limit 55 MPH. From 7:00AM PDT to 5:00AM PDT on weekdays and Saturday. Until October 12, 2018 at about 11:59PM PDT. Between Tammarack Road and McAbee Falls Road (near Priest River). Road maintenance work is in progress. Expect single line traffic alternating directions. Look out for flaggers. From 7:00AM PDT to 2:30PM PDT on weekdays. Between Exit 40: Cataldo (1 mile west of the Pinehurst area) and Exit 45: Silver Valley Road (near Pinehurst). Bridge construction work is in progress. There is work on the shoulder. There are alternating lane closures. The entrance ramp is closed. Speed limit 45 MPH. Width limit 18'0". Until December 6, 2018 at about 6:00PM PDT. Between Gibbonsville Road and The Montana State Line (30 to 44 miles north of the Salmon area). The road surface is in poor condition. Until April 30, 2018 at about 5:00PM MDT. Between Westbound Huetter Rest Area and Exit 17: Mullan Road (near Coeur d'Alene). Be aware of narrow lanes. There is a width limit in effect. Width limit 11'0". Until July 10, 2018 at about 5:00AM PDT.
I-90: Veterans Memorial Bridge
ID 3: Shoshone County Line
ID 200: East Sunnyside
ID 41: Seasons
I-90: Wallace
ID 41: Old Town
US 12: Lolo Pass
US 95: Five Mile Hill
I-90: Railroad Bridge
ID 3: Black Lake
US 95: Granite Hill
US 95: Whitebird Hill
US 12: Cottonwood Creek
US 2: Wrenco Loop
ID 6: Mt. Margaret
US 95: Winchester
ID 14: Elk City
US 95: Idaho County Line
I-90: Lookout Pass
ID 5: Parker Pass
I-90: Cataldo
US 12: Upper Lochsa
ID 11: Top of Greer Grade
US 95: Sandpoint
US 95: Marsh Hill
I-90: 4th of July Summit
ID 3: Deary
US 95: Lake Creek
US 95: Frei Hill
US 95: Concrete
US 95: Shirrod Hill
US 12: Kamiah
ID 11: Grangemont
US 93: Lost Trail Pass
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