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Road Reports—Statewide
Map of Statewide Between Third Street East (near Newdale) and 700 North Road (near Tetonia). The roadway is reopened to traffic. Between McReynolds Avenue (3 miles north of the Tetonia area) and ID 47 (near Ashton). The road is closed. Visibility is reduced. Expect blowing snow. Look out for drifting snow on the roadway. Between Maple Grove Road and Copenhagen Road. A Winter Storm Warning is in effect. For the next half day. Between US Route 26 Business (near Ririe) and Rainy Creek Road (Swan Valley). The road is closed. Between 2200 North Road and US 93 (3 miles west of the Arco area). Look out for a herd of animals on the roadway. Drive with extreme caution. Between Exit 36 (Nampa) and Exit 44: ID 69 (near Meridian). Look out for rush hour traffic.
ID 33: Roadway reopened to traffic.
ID 32: Road closed, reduced visibility, blowing snow, drifting snow.
I-15 southbound: Exit ramp closed, consider using an alternate route.
US 20 in both directions: Road blocked, emergency vehicles are at the scene, consider using an alternate route.
ID 36: Winter Storm Warning.
US 26: Road closed.
US 20: Herd of animals on roadway, drive with extreme caution.
ID 97 southbound: Road surface collapse, narrow lane.
I-84: Rush hour traffic.
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