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I-84: Road construction, roadway reduced to one lane, speed restrictions in force, width limit in effect.
I-84: Road construction.

Between Exit 99: I-84B (9 miles east of the Mountain Home area) and Exit 112: I-84B (8 miles west of the Glenns Ferry area). Road construction work is in progress. The roadway is reduced to one lane. Speed restrictions are in force. There is a width limit in effect. Speed limit 65 MPH. Width limit 14'0". Until September 9, 2019 at about 11:59PM MDT.

Web Comment: Work will occur through the beginning of September to construct a third westbound lane going up the Hammett Hill. On approaching the hill cars will crossover to the south side of the interstate and semi-trucks will stay in the right lane going up the hill and not crossing over

Last updated today at 2:39pm MDT
I-84: Road construction.
Map of I-84: Road construction.
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