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I-84 eastbound: Road reconstruction, eastbound traffic, right lane closed, westbound traffic, left lane closed.
I-84 eastbound: Road reconstruction.

Between Exit 114 (5 miles west of the Glenns Ferry area) and Exit 121 (near Glenns Ferry). The road is being reconstructed. Eastbound traffic. The right lane is closed. Westbound traffic. The left lane is closed. Width limit 14'0". Speed limit 65 MPH. Until August 21, 2021 at about 11:59PM MDT.

Web Comment: Eastbound traffic will be crossed over at MP 113.7 thru MP 121. Eastbound onramp at 114 will be closed, detour to 112 onramp. Eastbound offramp at 121 will be closed, detour at 120 offramp. Speed Limit reduced to 65mph. Eastbound width restriction of 14'-0". Westbound width restriction of 16'-0". Traffic Control Supervisor: Road Work Ahead -- Cliff Lockhart, 208-293-4811.

Last updated on June 4
I-84 eastbound: Road reconstruction.
Map of I-84 eastbound: Road reconstruction.
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