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Mountain Passes—Statewide
Map of Statewide Between 2200 North Road and US 93 (3 miles west of the Arco area). Look out for a herd of animals on the roadway. Drive with extreme caution.
ID 21: Banner Creek
ID 28: Gilmore
ID 21: Highland Valley
US 93: Lost Trail Pass
I-90: Fourth of July Pass
ID 38: Holbrook
ID 36: Emigration Pass
US 95: White Bird Hill
US 93: Nevada Line Pass
ID 87: Reynolds Pass
US 20: Targee Pass
ID 75: Galena
US 89: Geneva
I-15: Monida Pass
ID 21: Mores Creek
ID 21: Beaver Creek
ID 71: Brownlee
ID 29: Bannock Pass
US 95: Midvale Hill
US 30: Georgetown
US 12: Lolo Pass
ID 55: Horseshoe Bend Hill
ID 33: Teton Pass
I-90: Lookout Pass
US 30: Border
ID 31: Pine Creek Pass
US 30: Fish Creek
I-15: Malad
US 20: Cat Creek
I-84: Sweetzer
US 95: Lewiston Hill
US 93: Willow Creek
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Mountain Pass Mountain Pass