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Named Roads with Cameras
Bonners Ferry
  BC Highway 3 2 Cameras
  Highway 95 1 Camera
  ORE86 1 Camera
  US-93 1 Camera
Idaho Falls
  US-89 1 Camera
  US-89 1 Camera
  SR-42 1 Camera
  US-89 1 Camera
  WY-22 1 Camera
  OR 201 1 Camera

  I-15 1 Camera
  SH-87 1 Camera
  US-2 1 Camera
  WYO 89 1 Camera
Cameras—North Idaho
Map of North Idaho Between Exit 17: Mullan Road and Exit 28: Crossroad (4 to 7 miles east of the Coeur d'Alene area). Look out for potholes. Keep to the left. Drive with extreme caution. Advisory speed limit 55 MPH. Between Exit 69: East Mullan and Lookout Pass (1 mile east of the Mullan area). Road maintenance work is in progress. The right lane is closed. Width limit 14'0". Advisory speed limit 45 MPH. Until today at about 4:00PM PST. Between I-90 (Coeur d'Alene) and Lancaster Road (Hayden). Look out for rush hour traffic.
US-2: Yaak
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