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Named Roads with Cameras
Bonners Ferry
  BC Highway 3 2 Cameras
  Highway 95 1 Camera
  ORE86 1 Camera
Idaho Falls
  US-89 1 Camera
  US-89 1 Camera
  SR-42 1 Camera
  US-89 1 Camera
  WY-22 1 Camera

  WYO 89 1 Camera
Cameras—North Idaho
Map of North Idaho Between Exit 48: Airport Road (near Smelterville) and Exit 49: New Street/Kellogg (near Kellogg). The right shoulder is closed. Between Alderson Lane and Washington Street - Madison Street (Bonners Ferry). The road is being reconstructed. Width limit 11'0". Until October 1, 2019 at about 5:00PM PDT. Between Exit 22: ID 97 and Exit 28: Crossroad (5 to 7 miles east of the Coeur d'Alene area). The road is rough. Keep to the left. Advisory speed limit 55 MPH. Between County Road 58 and County Road 56 (9 miles north of the Bonners Ferry area). There are temporary lane markings.
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