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Cameras—North Idaho
Map of North Idaho Between Exit 17: Mullan Road and Exit 28: Crossroad (4 to 7 miles east of the Coeur d'Alene area). Look out for potholes. Keep to the left. Drive with extreme caution. Advisory speed limit 55 MPH. Between I-90 (Coeur d'Alene) and Lancaster Road (Hayden). Look out for rush hour traffic.
US 95: Ironwood
US 95: Whitebird Hill
I-90: Lookout Pass MT
US 95: Palouse River
US 95: Appleway
ID 6: Mt. Margaret
US 95: SH-8 Junction
ID 5: Parker Pass
ID 11: Grangemont
I-90: Liberty Lake WA
US 12: Lolo Pass
US 95: D Street
US 12: Alpowa Summit WA
US 95: Sandpoint
US 95: Prairie
ID 8: Farm
I-90: Cataldo
US 95: Lewiston Hill
US-2: Yaak
US 95: Five Mile Hill
US 95: Idaho County Line
US 95: Concrete
ID 8: Line
US 93: Lost Trail Pass
US 95: Kathleen Ave
I-90: Wallace
ID 8: US-95 Jct
ID 41: Seasons
I-90: Railroad Bridge
ID 200: East Sunnyside
ID 14: Elk City
US 12: Upper Lochsa
ID 57: Priest Lake
US 95: Hanley
ID 3: Deary
US 95: Frei Hill
ID 3: Shoshone County Line
US 95: Junction I-90
US 95: Shirrod Hill
US 2: Wrenco Loop
US 95: Lake Creek
I-90: Lookout Pass
US 95: Granite Hill
US 95: Hayden
US 95: Marsh Hill
ID 3: Black Lake
I-90: Northwest Blvd
US 12: Kamiah
US 95: Wyoming
US 12: Cottonwood Creek
I-90: 4th of July Summit
US 12: Pete King
ID 11: Top of Greer Grade
I-90: Veterans Memorial Bridge
ID 41: Old Town
US 95: Winchester
ID 6: Harvard Hill
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