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Winter Road Conditions
I-15 Whole Road 4 reports
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Reports on I-15
Map of Reports on I-15 Between The Utah State Line (12 miles south of the Malad City area) and Exit 31: ID 40; Downey Road (8 miles south of the Arimo area). Expect dry pavements. Weather conditions clear. Between Southbound Malad Summit Rest Area (8 miles south of the Arimo area) and Exit 58: Interstate 15 Business (Inkom). Expect dry pavements. Cloudy skies. Between Exit 143: ID 33 (4 miles south of the Hamer area) and Exit 167: ID 22 (Dubois). Expect dry pavements. Be ready for patchy fog. Between Exit 167: ID 22 (Dubois) and The Montana State Line (11 miles north of the Spencer area). The road is wet. Be ready for patchy fog.
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