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Winter Road Conditions
US 26 Whole Road 6 reports
Bliss to Carey 3 reports
Atomic City to Blackfoot 1 report
Idaho Falls to Wyoming 2 reports
Reports on US 26
Map of Reports on US 26 Between I-84B (near Bliss) and US 93 (Shoshone). Expect dry pavements. Cloudy skies. Be ready for patchy fog. Between US 93 (Shoshone) and North 1050 East Road (near Richfield). The road is wet. Cloudy skies. Between North 1050 East Road (near Richfield) and US 20 (Carey). Look out for icy patches. Expect dry pavements. Weather conditions clear. Between US 20 (5 miles west of the Atomic City area) and I-15 (Blackfoot). Look out for icy patches. Cloudy skies. Between I-15 (2 miles west of the Idaho Falls area) and US Route 26 Business (near Ririe). Look out for slush on the roadway. The road is wet. Cloudy skies. Between US Route 26 Business (near Ririe) and The Wyoming State Line (16 miles east of the Irwin area). The road is wet. Cloudy skies.
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