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Winter Road Conditions
US 93 Whole Road 5 reports
Nevada to Twin Falls 1 report
Twin Falls to Arco 2 reports
Arco to Challis 1 report
Challis to Montana 3 reports
Reports on US 93
Map of Reports on US 93 Between The Nevada State Line (26 miles south of the Hollister area) and ID 25 (8 miles north of the Twin Falls area). Expect dry pavements. Weather conditions clear. Between ID 25 (8 miles north of the Twin Falls area) and US 26 (Shoshone). Look out for slush on the roadway. The road is wet. Cloudy skies. Between US 20 (Arco) and McKim Creek Road (23 miles north of the Challis area). Expect dry pavements. Cloudy skies. Between Pahsimeroi Road (23 miles north of the Challis area) and ID 28; Challis Street (Salmon). Look out for icy patches. Expect dry pavements. Be prepared for light snow. Between ID 28; Challis Street and The Montana State Line (44 miles north of the Salmon area). Look out for snow on the roadway. Be prepared for snow. Visibility is reduced.
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