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US 20
Between Avenue A and University Drive (near Boise). The road is closed to traffic due to bridge construction work. A detour is in operation. Until October 1.

Web Comment: The Idaho Transportation Department will close an additional lane on Myrtle Street between the Discovery Center and Ferguson Street on Friday (Feb. 19). The lane closure is part of construction for the new Broadway Avenue Bridge over the Boise River. Click befow for a map of the lane closure. The lane is being closed to provide more room for crews to work at the intersection of Myrtle Street and Broadway Avenue. Crews will be installing a new traffic signal and temporarily removing the concrete pedestrian islands at this intersection. The islands will be replaced later this year as part of improving Broadway Avenue. “The restricted construction areas are active and hazardous sites. The perimeter fence is there to keep everyone safe and out of the work zone,” said ITD District 3 Resident Engineer Daris Bruce. “We are working with local law enforcement. Citations may be given to any person that is trespassing through the work zone.” The Broadway Avenue Bridge is being replaced to meet today’s design standards, as well as current and future traffic volumes. When complete, the new Broadway Bridge will include more lanes for traffic, wider sidewalks, bicycle lanes and improved access to the Greenbelt.

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Last updated on May 2