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Truck Restrictions
I-84 Whole Road 5 reports
Oregon to Boise No reports
Boise to Twin Falls 1 report
Twin Falls to I-86 3 reports
I-86 to Utah 1 report
Truck Restrictions on I-84
Map of Reports on I-84 Between Exit 173: US 93 and Exit 188: Valley Road (2 to 9 miles west of the Hazelton area). Road maintenance work is in progress. The roadway is reduced to one lane. There is work on the shoulder. People are working in the median. There is a width limit in effect. Width limit 18'0". From 7:00AM MDT to 5:00PM MDT on weekdays. Until May 13. Between Exit 211: US 30; ID 24 and Exit 222: I-86 (5 to 6 miles east of the Heyburn area). Look out for long term road construction work due to bridge construction work. The roadway is reduced to two lanes. Speed restrictions are in force. There is a width limit in effect. Drive with extreme caution. Speed limit 65 MPH. Width limit 12'0". Until June 2, 2017. Between The Utah State Line and The Juniper Rest Area (62 to 65 miles east of the Heyburn area). Roadway reduced to one lane because the road is being repaved. Width limit in effect. Speed restrictions in force. Speed limit 70 MPH. Width limit 16'0". Starting 8:00AM MDT, 5/5/2016 until Thursday, at about 5:00PM MDT.
I-84 eastbound: Gross weight limit in effect, right lane closed, bridge maintenance operations, width limit in effect.
I-84 eastbound: Road maintenance operations, roadway reduced to one lane, work on the shoulder, work in the median, width limit in effect.
I-84: Lane closed, bridge maintenance operations, right lane closed, width limit in effect, short delays.
I-84 in both directions: Long term road construction, due to bridge construction work, roadway reduced to two lanes, speed restrictions in force, width limit in effect, drive with extreme caution.
I-84 westbound: Roadway reduced to one lane, because the road is being repaved, width limit in effect, speed restrictions in force.
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