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Truck Restrictions
US 30 Whole Road 3 reports
Oregon to New Plymouth No reports
Bliss to Burley No reports
I-86 to I-15/Pocatello 2 reports
McCammon to Wyoming 1 report
Truck Restrictions on US 30
Map of Reports on US 30 Between US 95 (3 miles west of the New Plymouth area) and I-84 (3 miles east of the New Plymouth area). Look out for a slow moving maintenance vehicle. From 5:00AM MDT to 3:00PM MDT on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Until tomorrow at about 3:00PM MDT. Between Jefferson Street (near Montpelier) and Dingle Road - Keetch Road (3 miles east of the Montpelier area). The roadway is reduced to one lane. Road construction work is in progress. The road is being repaved. Speed restrictions are in force. There is a width limit in effect. Look out for flaggers. Expect delays. Consider using an alternate route. If weather permits. Speed limit 55 MPH. Width limit 17'0". From 7:00AM MDT to 7:00PM MDT daily. Until September 13.
US 30 in both directions: Roadway reduced to one lane, bridge maintenance operations, truck restrictions in force, width limit in effect, speed restrictions in force.
US 30 in both directions: Height limit in effect.
US 30: Roadway reduced to one lane, road construction, paving operations, speed restrictions in force, width limit in effect, look out for flaggers, delays, consider using an alternate route, if weather permits.
US 30: Fish Creek
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