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Restrictions on I-84: Boise to Twin Falls
I-84: Boise to Twin Falls
Between Exit 54: US 20; Broadway Avenue and Exit 60: The Isaacs Canyon Interchange (near Boise). Road construction work is in progress. Bridge construction work is in progress. The roadway is reduced to one lane. Speed restrictions are in force. There is a width limit in effect. Speed limit 55 MPH . Width limit 16'0". Until October 1.

Comment: Eastbound I-84 is reduced to one lane over the Gowen Road Interchange. Westbound will be crossed over to the eastbound side of I-84 starting 3/6/15 with a single lane in both directions over the Gowen Road bridge. This configuration will last until late summer 2015 while crews reconstruct the westbound bridge over Gowen Road. Contact Merrill Sharp if you have an overwidth load, they may be able to accomodate the load. cell number 830-3605.

More Info: gowen traffic pattern
Last updated on April 22
At Exit 147: 2350 South Road (6 miles east of the Bliss area). Bridge maintenance work is in progress. A lane is closed. Width limit 14'0".

Comment: bridge maintenance on I-84 milepost 146. Flagging operations will be in place, the DMS will be in use, the left lane will be closed, this is westbound I-84
Last updated on April 21