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Restrictions on US 20: Idaho Falls to Montana
US 20: Idaho Falls to Montana
Between The Menan-Lorenzo Highway (3 miles east of the Rigby area) and ID 33 (Rexburg). Road construction work is in progress. Construction traffic may be merging. Speed restrictions are in force. There is a width limit in effect. Expect delays. Speed limit 55 MPH . Width limit 14'0". Expect 5 - minute delays.. Until October 31.

Web Comment: Expect delays on US 20 between Idaho Falls and Rexburg due to the construction of the Thornton Interchange and other bridge work. If you are traveling to Yellowstone, Island Park, Ashton or Rexburg, use I-15 to exit 143, and then travel east on Idaho 33 to Rexburg and back to US 20 to avoid these delays.
Last updated on May 25