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Restrictions on US 20: Parma to Boise
US 20: Parma to Boise
Between Star Road and Black Cat Road (1 to 2 miles east of the Star area). Road construction work is in progress. There is work on the shoulder. Speed restrictions are in force. There is a width limit in effect. Speed limit 45 MPH . Width limit 12'0". Until August 14.

Comment: US20 (Chinden Blvd.) East and westbound oversize loads will be restricted to 10’ width while lanes are shifted to the south. The Contractor will pave the north half of US20 (Chinden Blvd.) on June 11th, 12th & 13th during daylight hours. The paving operation should not disrupt traffic on US20; however there will be trucks exiting and entering the highway. McDermott Rd. will be closed at Chinden Blvd. (US20) Friday 6/13/14. Local residential traffic may access McDermott Rd. from McMillian Rd.; however there is no access to US20 from McDermott Rd. Alternate routes include Star Rd. and Black Cat Rd. McDermott Rd. will be closed through early August.
Last updated on July 23