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Truck Restrictions on US 30
US 30
Between Kimberly Road; Blue Lakes Boulevard and Eastland Drive (Twin Falls). Road maintenance work is in progress. There are alternating lane closures because the road is being repaved. There is a width limit in effect. Width limit 16'0". From 6:00AM MDT to 3:30PM MDT on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Until tomorrow at about 5:30PM MDT.

Web Comment: Roadway patching project on Kimberly Road in Twin Falls. Pass with care.
Last updated on June 22
Between Main Street - Hawthorne Road and Cedar Street (Pocatello). There is a height limit in effect. Height limit 14'0".

Web Comment: This is a permanent height restriction within the city limits of Pocatello, in both east and westbound lanes, at the railroad bridge on Garret Way, between Main Street and Cedar Street, at milepost 334.15.
Last updated on June 23
Between Verlene Street and Adams Street (near Montpelier). The roadway is reduced to one lane. The intersecting road is closed. The road is being repaved. Look out for flaggers. A detour is in operation. Follow the detour signs. There is a width limit in effect. Width limit 12'0". Until July 12, 2017 at about 7:00PM MDT.

Web Comment: Paving project on US-30 in Montpelier, between milepost 434.24, eleven miles south of Georgetown, and milepost 435.28, three miles north of the Dingle Turn. Multiple intersecting roads are closed. Traffic restrictions in effect 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Use caution around crews and equipment.
Last updated on June 23