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Truck Restrictions on US 20
Map of Reports on US 20 Between I-15 and Saint Leon Road (near Idaho Falls). Look out for mobile maintenance operations. Until Friday, at about 5:00PM MDT. Between Exit 310: Lewisville Highway; US Route 20 Business (near Idaho Falls) and Iona Road (1 mile east of the Ucon area). Work on the shoulder. Starting 10:00PM MDT, 4/1/2015 until tomorrow at about 6:00AM MDT. Between 3900 East and Ellis Road (near Rigby). Road construction work is in progress. Until tomorrow at about 6:00PM MDT. Between 1425 North Road and Wood Road (7 miles east of the Ashton area). Look out for large animals on the roadway. There is danger of a rock fall.
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