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Weather Stations on US 95
Weather Stations on US 95
Payette to New Meadows
  3 miles south of the Midvale area
Fort Hall Hill
  6 miles north of the Council area
Smokey Boulder
  8 miles north of the New Meadows area
New Meadows to Lewiston
Whitebird Hill
  5 miles north of the White Bird area
  2 miles south of the Cottonwood area
Frei Hill
  2 miles north of the Cottonwood area
  near Winchester
Lewiston to Coeur d'Alene
Shirrod Hill
  5 miles south of the Genesee area
Marsh Hill
  12 miles south of the Tensed area
Lake Creek
  9 miles north of the Worley area
Coeur d'Alene to Canada
Granite Hill
  2 miles north of the Athol area
Five Mile Hill
  16 miles north of the Bonners Ferry area