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Road Reports
I-84 Whole Road 3 reports
Oregon to Boise 2 reports
Boise to Twin Falls 2 reports
Twin Falls to I-86 Junction 1 report
I-86 Junction to Utah No reports
Reports on I-84
Map of Reports on I-84 Between Exit 38: I-84B; Garrity Blvd (near Nampa) and Exit 208: ID 27 (6 miles west of the Burley area). Dense Fog Advisory. Starting today at 6:00PM MST until tomorrow at about 11:00AM MST. Between Exit 141: I-84B and Exit 147: 2350 South Road (4 to 5 miles east of the Bliss area). The right lane is closed because of bridge maintenance work. The road is being repaved. There is a width limit in effect. Width limit 14'0". Until Friday, at about 5:00PM MST.
I-84 westbound: Exit ramp closed, entrance ramp closed.
I-84: Dense Fog Advisory.
I-84 in both directions: Right lane closed, because of bridge maintenance work, paving operations, width limit in effect.
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