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Road Reports
I-84 Whole Road 8 reports
Oregon to Boise 4 reports
Boise to Twin Falls 4 reports
Twin Falls to I-86 1 report
I-86 to Utah No reports
Reports on I-84
Map of Reports on I-84 Between Exit 44: ID 69 and Exit 29: US 20; Franklin Road (near Nampa). Traffic is stop and go. Between Exit 38: I-84B (near Meridian) and Exit 125: 18th East Street (near Glenns Ferry). There is work on the shoulder. From 8:00AM MST to 5:00PM MST on weekdays. Until December 22. Between Exit 38: I-84B and Exit 46: ID 55; Eagle Road (near Meridian). Road construction work is in progress. Bridge construction work is in progress. Until December 15. Between Exit 52: Orchard Street and Exit 57: ID 21; Gowen Road (near Boise). Road construction work is in progress. From 8:00PM MST to 5:00AM MST daily. Until tomorrow at about 11:59PM MST. Between The Boise Port of Entry and Exit 74: Simco Road (11 to 12 miles east of the Boise area). Bridge maintenance work is in progress. The roadway is reduced to one lane. From 8:00AM MST to 5:00PM MST on weekdays. Until Friday, at about 5:00PM MST. Between Exit 211: US 30; ID 24 and Exit 222: I-86 (5 to 6 miles east of the Heyburn area). Look out for long term road construction work due to bridge construction work. The roadway is reduced to two lanes. Speed restrictions are in force. There is a width limit in effect. Drive with extreme caution. Speed limit 65 MPH. Width limit 12'0". Until June 2, 2017.
I-84 westbound: Stop and go traffic.
I-84: Work on the shoulder.
I-84: Road construction, bridge construction.
I-84 westbound: Vehicle on fire, right lane blocked.
I-84: Road construction.
I-84 eastbound: Bridge maintenance operations, roadway reduced to one lane.
I-84: Emergency maintenance, overpass, roadway reduced to one lane, temporary traffic lights, short delays.
I-84 in both directions: Long term road construction, due to bridge construction work, roadway reduced to two lanes, speed restrictions in force, width limit in effect, drive with extreme caution.
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