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Reports on I-84: Oregon to Boise
I-84: Oregon to Boise
Between The Oregon State Line (near Fruitland) and Exit 114: I-84B (5 miles west of the Glenns Ferry area). Look out for traffic congestion becaause of a solar eclipse. Expect delays of uncertain duration. Until today at about 5:00PM MDT.
Between Exit 9: US 30 and Exit 3: US 95 (8 miles east of the Fruitland area). There is work on the shoulder. The shoulder is closed. Drive carefully. Until today at about 12:00PM MDT.
Between Exit 46: ID 55; Eagle Road and Exit 52: Orchard Street (near Boise). Road construction work is in progress. The roadway is reduced to two lanes. Speed restrictions are in force. Speed limit 55 MPH. From 10:00PM MDT to 7:00AM MDT on weekdays and Saturday. Until October 27, 2017 at about 5:00AM MDT.