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Reports on US 95: Oregon to Payette
US 95: Oregon to Payette
Between McBride Creek Road and The Oregon State Line (29 to 31 miles south of the Homedale area). Road maintenance operations. Starting tomorrow at 9:00AM MST for the next four hours.
Between Iest Road and US 20 (1 mile south of the Parma area). The road is closed to traffic. Bridge construction work is in progress. Look out for flaggers. Speed restrictions are in force. The intersecting road is closed. Speed limit 45 MPH. Until December 1, 2017 at about 7:00PM MST.
Between US 30 (Fruitland) and Main Street (near Payette). Road maintenance work is in progress. Look out for mobile maintenance operations. From 9:00AM MST to 4:00PM MST on Wednesday and Thursday.