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Reports on I-15: Pocatello to Montana
I-15: Pocatello to Montana
Between Exit 71: Interstate 15 Business and Exit 72 (Pocatello). The roadway is reduced to one lane. There are alternating lane closures. Road maintenance work is in progress. Until today at about 5:00PM MDT.
Between US 20; US 91 and Exit 119: US 20 (near Idaho Falls). There is work on the shoulder. Until Friday, at about 11:59PM MDT.
Between Exit 150: Hamer Road and Exit 167: ID 22 (3 to 5 miles north of the Hamer area). Look out for construction work. The right shoulder is closed. Until tomorrow at about 5:00PM MDT.
Between Exit 172: Sheep Station Road and The Montana State Line (11 miles north of the Spencer area). Look out for mobile maintenance operations. Until October 16, 2015.