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I-84: Road construction, bridge construction, work on the shoulder, roadway reduced to two lanes.
I-84: Road construction.
Between Exit 38: I-84B (Meridian) and I-184 (Boise). Road construction work is in progress. Bridge construction work is in progress. There is work on the shoulder. The roadway is reduced to two lanes. Speed limit 55 MPH. Until October 31, 2015.

Comment: Over the next several weeks there will be work both day and night at the Meridian IC (MP 44). Lane restrictions on I-84 will only be in effect during the night shift. Day work will be off the shoulder/median. Speed on I-84 will be reduced to 55mph only at night during lane closures. Speed will remain 65mph during the day. For now, Speeds will not be effected on Meridian Rd. Over the next several weeks, there will be both day and night work within the project limits. I-84 will be reduced to two lanes in both directions at night (10-5am). EB I-84 will be reduced to three lanes at all times from MP 44 to MP 49 and speeds will be reduced to 55 mph at all times EB. Speed will only be reduced at night for WB I-84. Day work will be either off the shoulder or within the median without further traffic impact.
Last updated on July 8
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I-84: Road construction.
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