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US 95: Road closed to traffic, bridge construction, speed restrictions in force, intersecting road closed.
US 95: Road closed to traffic.
Between Iest Road and US 20 (1 mile south of the Parma area). The road is closed to traffic. Bridge construction work is in progress. Speed restrictions are in force. The intersecting road is closed. Speed limit 45 MPH. Until December 1, 2017 at about 7:00PM MDT.

Web Comment: -This section of US-95 is closed (MP44.95 to MP45.37) see detour below. Truck detours: -For Southbound Traffic: Either US-95 to I-84 near Exit 3 or US-20/26 to I-84 near Exit 26 to SH-19 at Exit 27 back onto US-95. -For Northbound Traffic: US95 to SH-19 to I84 near Exit 27 to either US2026 at Exit 26 or back onto US95 at Exit 3. -A new local car detour has been implemented. Theres no thru truck traffic for this local detour. The detour is US95, Sand Rd, South St, 3rd St, Main St, Roswell Blvd, and back onto US95. -There will also be some flagging along US20/26 when working on shoulder, bridge, and/or median.
Last updated on September 20
US 95: Road closed to traffic.
Map of US 95: Road closed to traffic.
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