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Cameras—North Idaho
Map of North Idaho Between White Bird Creek Bridge and White Bird Hill Summit (1 to 2 miles north of the White Bird area). There's been a rock fall. The roadway is reduced to one lane. Between Willow Creek Road and Black Rock Road (5 to 9 miles south of the Rose Lake area). Expect single line traffic alternating directions due to bridge construction work. Traffic is being held. Expect delays. Speed restrictions are in force due to long term road construction work. Look out for temporary traffic lights. Look out for flaggers. Speed limit 25 MPH. Truck speed limit 25 MPH.
US 12: Alpowa Summit WA
ID 57: Priest Lake
US 95: Frei Hill
I-90: Railroad Bridge
US 95: Lake Creek
US 95: Whitebird Hill
ID 41: Seasons
US 12: Cottonwood Creek
ID 3: Black Lake
US 95: Granite Hill
US 95: Marsh Hill
US 95: Shirrod Hill
US 12: Lolo Pass
ID 3: Shoshone County Line
ID 6: Harvard Hill
ID 41: Old Town
I-90: Wallace
ID 14: Elk City
US 12: Kamiah
I-90: Lookout Pass
US 95: Sandpoint
ID 5: Parker Pass
US 93: Lost Trail Pass
ID 3: Deary
US 95: Winchester
I-90: Lookout Pass MT
I-90: Veterans Memorial Bridge
US 95: Lewiston Hill
US 95: Five Mile Hill
ID 11: Top of Greer Grade
I-90: Cataldo
I-90: Liberty Lake WA
US 95: Concrete
ID 200: Hope
I-90: 4th of July Summit
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