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Cameras on US 20
Parma to Boise
US 20: Glenwood Street Glenwood Street
  in Garden City
Mountain Home to Arco
US 20: Pine Turnoff Pine Turnoff
  24 miles west of the Fairfield area
US 20: Tom Cat Summit Tom Cat Summit
  16 miles east of the Carey area
Arco to Idaho Falls
US 20: INL Puzzle INL Puzzle
  19 miles east of the Butte City area
US 20: Telegraph Hill Telegraph Hill
  25 miles west of the Idaho Falls area
US 20: Kettle Butte Kettle Butte
  16 miles west of the Idaho Falls area
Idaho Falls to Montana
US 20: Ucon Ucon
  near Ucon
US 20: Thornton Thornton
  3 miles west of the Rexburg area
US 20: Fall River Fall River
  5 miles west of the Ashton area
US 20: Sheep Falls Sheep Falls
  8 miles east of the Ashton area
US 20: Osborne Bridge Osborne Bridge
  2 miles west of the Island Park area
US 20: Henrys Lake Henrys Lake
  in Island Park
Cameras on US 20
Map of RWIS Items on US 20
US 20: Glenwood Street
US 20: Pine Turnoff
US 20: Tom Cat Summit
US 20: INL Puzzle
US 20: Telegraph Hill
US 20: Kettle Butte
US 20: Ucon
US 20: Thornton
US 20: Fall River
US 20: Sheep Falls
US 20: Osborne Bridge
US 20: Henrys Lake
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